A Bulletproof Solution to the Revolving Doors Issue in Advertising

A Bulletproof Solution to the Revolving Doors Issue in Advertising

There goes another good one, Charlie thought as Aimee was cleaning up her desk. She was with them for a year, and if Charlie was honest, it would be pretty hard to replace her. They ended their cooperation on friendly terms. Aimee was honest about the reasons for her notice – the conditions that the other company offered her were better. While Charlie’s publishing company was growing, he still wasn’t able to match their offer. Aimee was the third person that was leaving the company at the end of their first year there.


Millennials Are Not Committing to a Company for Life


The previous generations had a different mindset. Once they found a job that suited them, they remained loyal and held to it through thick and thin. The change didn’t come as naturally to them as it does to millennials. They don’t share the same values, and if they don’t like their jobs, there’s plenty of other fish in the sea (Forbes).

  Charlie asked all three of the considerable talents that left the company if there was something that could have been done to change their minds. To his surprise, they were all pretty happy working for them and didn’t have any glaring flaws to point out. They were all heading off to bigger companies that could offer them a more stable job and better working conditions. They were, of course, grateful for the opportunity to learn a lot, but with a one-year experience and the newly acquired skills, they were more desirable and had more choices.

How to Avoid the Trouble of Replacing Employees

The main problem for Charlie was that the company wasn’t in the best place for going through the hiring process again. Aimee’s decision to leave was sudden and final, and he didn’t think it possible to find someone new and train them in time to replace her. He posted the same hiring ad as the last time, quickly glancing over the skillset that was required. Charlie couldn’t help but think that Aimee was the perfect person for the job and that the next Aimee could be leaving in a year as well. He sighed and published the ad.

Not an hour later, he got an email from a publisher support agency. In a nutshell, Lana, the salesperson, was asking for a call to present the agency’s solution that would solve all his problems. Charlie quickly glanced over their capabilities deck and, thinking that it couldn’t hurt, agreed to talk to Lana.

Don’t Waste Time on the Learning Curve

Lana understood his problems all too well. You lose a talent, in which you invested time and money to develop. Then you are greeted with additional resource waste while the new person is trained. Your employees need to reinvest their time, and even when the new person soaks up the necessary knowledge in the shortest time possible, the learning curve doesn’t end. It might take years before they have picked up all the tips and tricks of the trade.

The simple solution would be finding an extension of the team. While it can be nearly impossible to find a good agency that has experience with all the processes from media planning, campaign management, reporting, design, etc., finding one might as well be the most significant asset during the initial business development and even later on (Forbes). In this case, the learning curve is entirely avoided, as you’re hiring experts right off the bat. They have the experience working on all the steps and could even be of use as advisors from the been-there-done-that standpoint.

Costs of Replacing and Retaining Employees

The cost of replacing an employee for businesses is high, regardless of the level of wages being paid to the departing or incoming employees (Center for American Progress). Even with putting aside the initial cost of the hiring process, the education and development of a new employee take their toll. However, this can’t compare to the budget needed in order to keep the employees happy. The working conditions such as paid leave, as well as the office space and resources and tools required for the job,  are all costly investments that improve employee retention. One of the company’s primary goals should be to provide excellent working conditions, but in the initial phase, the most important thing is the sustainability of the business.

By hiring external help, all of these costs become obsolete. This means that it becomes were easy to save on big office spaces, new tech, and educational courses. It also means that space is not a factor at all. With the hired experts, you won’t need to guide them through the process and be there to answer their questions, and that enables you to recruit internationally.

Long-Term Coop Means Higher Proficiency

While the initial learning curve is avoided, that is not to say that learning over time isn’t a possibility. The longer you work with a support agency and the more processes they are involved in, the higher is the level of support you can expect. In cases when successful cooperation stretches over an extended period, the agency is able to pick up all the values you put into your business and imitate them. Each feedback that is being given is not given to an individual but a whole bunch of individuals. To share the given knowledge and insights is the assignment of the agency.

“To put it as plain as possible,” Lana concludes, “that means that the training resources if needed, are all covered on our end. You can just enjoy the final product.”

It’s been a couple of years, and Charlie was preparing for a new hiring cycle. It’s been a while, he thought, smiling. This was the first hiring process since he started working with Lana’s company. They have been providing everything he needed from media planning to campaign management, and from design to RM creative development. The company grew exponentially and was finally ready to offer all those conditions Aimee opted for not so long ago.

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