The biggest advantages of remote working

The biggest advantages of remote working

Tale of a modern superhero

In order to commence a tale, one must have a protagonist. A protagonist is the one who is unavoidably responsible for each and every possible outcome of the story since the narrative revolves and builds up on his decisions and actions. This hero has great impact on other people’s lives as his deeds and thoughts are primarily observed, evaluated and (often) looked up to. On the other hand, if the protagonist lacks conventional qualities of a hero (such as idealism, courage, morality, etc.) he ends up being an antihero of the story. And in a bestselling tale, just like in business, there is no room for flaws and weaknesses.

As a leader of the pack, you have all the right predispositions to be a hero of a modern-day corporate story. However, there is a thin line which separates a hero from a superhero and an okay boss from a great boss, but have no worries. We are here to make sure you go down the road of success. We’ll be a Robin to your Batman, a Sancho Panza to your Don Quixote, a Wilma to your Fred, and a catch-up for your fries.

Our modern tale revolves around an okay boss that is considering engaging external help. In order to analyze the advantages that can benefit his business, he only needs to open his eyes to reality and let his mind do the math.

Productivity at its best

Bill, his company and his employees have had a lot of ups and downs last year. His company formed new partnerships with media agencies, and even though more clients means more profit, he made a mistake thinking he will have it all done without increasing the number of his employees. His in-house team worked overtime, on several projects at the same time and yet didn’t manage to meet the deadlines. Not only did they not meet the deadlines, their output lost quality as well. Bill was never pessimistic about what lies ahead but he knew one thing for sure – he needed to do everything in his power to keep his employees sane and his clients pleased.

When he went online, he found out more about companies that actually have full time employees that can perform the function of an entire department. He decided to give it a shot, and boy was he right. Seasonal and cyclical demands were no longer the burden of his in-house team - their focus was now put on projects that generate most profit. Thus, the productivity of his in-house and external employees skyrocketed. Bill never knew that one simple thing such as out-of-office team of experts would help him preserve company’s good name. If you want to find out why you should hire your own extended in-house team, maybe you should read the article Bill had read before he made the smartest decision ever.

No boundaries and no limitations

Every boss needs to know the limits of his business. But what if we pushed those limits? What the heck, what if we had no limits at all when it comes to hiring top talents? It sounds like a daydream, right? Then again, it can be your reality as soon as you stop limiting your business by narrowing talent pool due to the company’s whereabouts. As long as applicants are experts in their field, no geographical borders should matter.

Virtual = cost-efficient

Setting your employees free from the corporate chains and socially acceptable norms (not doing your job in pajamas) doesn’t mean that you are losing your control over the ones you are paying. It just means that you will no longer dwell on irrelevant things that are getting on your perfectionist nerves (“Mike, your table looks like my trash bin. How do you even breathe in there?”). Once you hire remote workers, it won’t really matter where they are or what are they wearing at the moment. The only thing you will need to monitor is their progress while they continue doing what they do best – managing your campaigns.Their office doesn’t require your money so this ultimately means that you are not paying the lease for an extra office space, you are not buying more furniture and you are not even paying for utilities. If you want to talk numbers, well here it is. You can save up to impressive $11,000 a year per employee if you decide to engage remote workers in your business.

No turnovers

It is hard to find experts, but it is even harder to create and maintain a creative and motivating environment for all of them. A chaotic workplace and a couple of nagging co-workers can push away even those who were willing to stay. But those out-of-office top talents are yours to keep.

Whenever, wherever

Time is one of the most precious things we sometimes don’t know how to manage. Sometimes, even 24 hours in a day are not enough to get your business done. Instead of making coffee at 11 PM, you might as well hire an entire team of experts overseas. Why? Well, first and foremost, they are awake while you are asleep. While you are drinking your morning coffee, you can overview the reports, analytics and even projects that were done while you were getting that much needed sleep. Most importantly, you can always rely on them since they are rarely reporting unscheduled absences.

The “happy ever after”

Taking risk doesn’t seem so hard when you know the benefits an outcome can bring. And the outcome of this story looks like a “happy ever after”.

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