For any given online publisher to win advertising revenue, it has to have two teams in place:

1. Sales team

2. Sales support team

The sales team is responsible for pitching the sponsorship packages to various agencies and their respective brands. On the other hand, the support team executes on all the steps needed for any given campaign to go live and deliver per the contract.

So for example, the ad sales team of the would first have a meeting with the digital ad agency and present them with the advertising opportunities available.
Next, if the ad agency proceeds to place the online media buy on the, once the sales team closes the deal, all the future tasks would then become the campaign management team’s responsibility. The campaign management team is accountable for delivering on all the clients’ expectations and helping properly monetize their advertising inventory to the best of its potential. eMedia Patch gives online publishers an opportunity to outsource all of their sales planning and campaign management tasks.

As soon as the campaign goes live we take all screenshots. We use the screenshots process as a QA process since we double check that everything is running as it should in DFP and displaying correctly on the site.

We check that correct tags are used in the right placements and that they were not somehow swapped during the campaign launch.

We monitor each and every campaign on a weekly basis in order to be able to provide optimization suggestions. If we notice that certain placements perform better than the others we will create a re-allocation plan and ask the client for the approval. We also optimize campaigns if we notice that placements are under-pacing where we will either obtain client approval to re-allocate or to extend the flight dates.

We can manage SalesForce & Operative or any given platform that the publisher uses.

Yes, we can. We can do all types of media entries regardless of the platform.

Yes. But we would need to use your organization’s log-in credentials to access various industry research and reports. If your organization is not a subscriber then we can always rely on a few free data sources, such as Quantcast, to get you the right numbers.

Yes, we can help you with those as well, with anything from updating research to creating brand new marketing/sales materials.

We can help you creatively on all fronts. So anything from designing the site skins to creating display ads (rich media) to sweeps/promotions landing pages.

That is fine. We can deliver client ready reports to your team on a weekly or bi-weekly basis with the optimization suggestions. The reports will show your numbers as well as the third-party numbers to make sure your campaigns deliver in full on both counts. In terms of scope, if that is all that your team needs help with, then that is what the scope of work will be!

Yes and we can help you with those! In addition, we can help with putting plans into various agency templates, checking the accuracy of the incoming IOs, and creating various campaign kick-off documents etc.