pre-sales and sales activities



We thrive on innovation and thinking beyond conventional boundaries.

Let us empower you to secure new business and boost your revenue through our distinctive approach, meticulously tailored to your specific opportunities. We'll assist your sales planners in streamlining their efforts by quickly responding to RFPs and gathering data from authoritative sources like Quantcast, Comscore, eMarketer, etc.

Bid farewell to the tedious data entry tasks on platforms like Prisma, Boostr, Salesforce, or custom agency templates. Our mission is to provide invaluable support to your sales team, enabling them to concentrate on their core task – selling!

Our specialty is mastering the art of handling multiple responsibilities during the pre-launch rush. We'll alleviate the burden of communication with all stakeholders, ensuring your launch proceeds optimally.

campaign management



All the placements have to deliver in full - we make this possible with close campaign monitoring and optimizations. We are constantly on top of new trends to help improve and streamline business processes.

who we are


Communicating with account managers, traffic team and the client /agency
QA and troubleshooting during the campaign launch and flight.

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Sending shortly after the launch, making sure that everything is set up and displaying correctly
Being mindful of the brand and showing only screenshots that fit well contextually with it.

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Reporting & Optimization

Working with customized templates and optimizing them as needed
Making the campaign management process a breeze with automated reporting
Monitoring delivery and performance – weekly / bi-weekly / monthly
Once built out, the sheet auto-updates with a simple data refresh
Multiple data sources in one place
Consolidating your and third-party numbers and making sure everything is aligned for billing and invoicing
Providing data analysis, along with discrepancy, pacing, and performance insights, and using them for mid- campaign optimization suggestions

who we are

Post-Campaign Due Diligence

Creating all-encompassing wrap-up decks, fueled with most recent industry trends, benchmarks, future recommendations, and everything else the client might need in order to secure repeat business.

creative services



Making old, weathered sales materials shine again is eMedia Patch team’s specialty. Whether you require a simple polish or a completely new concept, we got you covered.

Sales materials

Templates and master decks

Creative development and mock-ups

Rich- media design and development

Branding, website design and development

recruitment services



Everyone knows that attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for the success of your organization. If you are interested in building a great team, and not the process of getting there, this is where we at eMedia Patch can step in and help.

All you have to do is share your business objectives and hiring plans with us, and we will take care of everything else. Our team of experts can tackle any task ranging from identifying prospective candidates to making sure they are the right fit for your organization. Once you have our team on board, you will always have someone who knows your market inside out.



can help your team?

Is your sales team spending too much time with RFPs or Salesforce entries?

Do you have sales planners who are always staying late and who could use some extra help?

Do you have an account manager that is going on maternity leave, and you need experts who can just step in and manage campaigns?

Do you need help with designing sales marketing materials but just don't have any time to explain to designers how to represent visually very technical concepts such as DSPs and SSPs?

Is your account management team bogged down with reporting instead of building the client relationships by offering smart optimization suggestions?

We’re with you every step of the way…patching your sales, campaign management, and creative needs from beginning to end.