What Our Design Team Had to Say on the Subject of Physics

What Our Design Team Had to Say on the Subject of Physics

There are some clear areas in design that go against the laws of physics. Kinetics and position of the object don't quite mesh up here. For instance, we get client requests asking for an object to be centered while also being moved to the left at the same time. We can do it! No one else can, but we can and we have done it!
We went back in time. Oftentimes, we receive requests that are due yesterday. Guess what? We delivered them on time!

We use intuition and energy vibrations to discover the right fonts when the client forgets to send them our way. Sometimes, if other people's bad energy is getting in our way of discovery towards "the truth" we bring in spiritual leaders to help guide us in the right direction.

We remove signs of aging and invisible pores on flawless models. (Then we end up in therapy for years because people say we set incredible standards for women, which btw really hurts our feelings).

We can blur and un-blur things and blur them again many, many, many times in one day and we do it happily. I have no idea why I wrote this, but guys from the team asked that I specifically mention that day, which also became known as the International Image Blur Day. Sometimes we need a special mouse to adjust the object’s mood so that it exudes more of a “positive vibe”. It’s really unbelievable like in space or a time warp, laws of physics just don’t translate in design, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
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