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SOS, Rescue Mission Needed!



Campaign & Account Management

The Challenge

After surviving an acquisition and becoming part of a publisher group, one of our oldest clients was going through an HR crisis. Almost all campaign managers departed from the company, one by one, but the company still needed to be cleared to hire additional staff. Panic was rising in the Sales department due to incoming RFPs, many running campaigns with no one to manage them, and the lack of confidence in building and maintaining stable relationships with agencies and advertisers due to the absence of campaign managers. Many advertisers were debating decreasing their spending with our client due to unresponsiveness, mistakes, and missed deadlines. The relationships with the main stakeholders were hanging by a thread, and a dark gray cloud loomed above their Media Strategy department. 

The Solution

As our team has been their go-to support system for several departments in recent years, our client inquired about our team stepping in as campaign managers. Our answer? OF COURSE! 
Our team had to be onboard in a matter of days, with our only resources being short transition documents written by departing campaign managers and a couple of recorded training. However, our team was very resourceful and managed to smoothly take over all live campaigns and launch all incoming projects, learning about each publisher's specific product offering in the group, specifications, and processes in place. We worked hard to overcome challenges, reassure and prove to advertisers that their campaigns were being taken care of, worked closely with Ad Operations teams to ensure full delivery and strong campaign performance, and collaborated with Design and Engineering teams to save every last penny of the planned revenue and ensure repeat buys. To achieve this, we built strong relationships with the sales team to learn as much as possible about each partnership and be on the same page when communicating with the client. 

The Result

Our experience, resourcefulness, hard work, and desire have brought fantastic results for our clients. In 6 months, we have managed 40+ campaigns, with a total value of over $10MM. We have recovered the damaged client relationships, securing an 85% renewal rate. Even though they were eventually able to hire campaign managers, our client continued to rely on our knowledge and skillset for years after and kept us a part of the team. 






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