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Unleashing the Power of Programmatic Advertising: How Amazon Sales Skyrocketed



Programmatic Advertising

The Challenge

Our journey began in Q4 of 2021 when the eMedia Patch programmatic team helped our client in the Automotive industry who was struggling to meet their ROAS benchmarks on Amazon. The primary mission here was to establish a highly profitable strategy that allowed this brand to stand out among competitors on Amazon and yield strong sales figures. 

The Solution

The current strategy that was implemented did not achieve the level of success that we anticipated. Our team worked on an in-depth assessment and started working on a new campaign structure. The client's brand store on Amazon was already well-developed, so our focus was creating a strategy to drive sales and improve ROAS (return on ad spend) through the Amazon DSP. 

As we conducted our analysis, we noticed that the Amazon DSP and its advantages of first-party data, custom audiences, and owned and operated inventory were not used to their full extent. From there, we devised a new campaign structure that relied on audience segmentation and leveraging Amazon Responsive Ecommerce Creatives. Leveraging Amazon's custom audiences allowed us to take advantage of consumers' shopping behavior, tailor each line with specific timeframes, and make it more efficient.

As a final touch, in Q2 of 2023, we took the opportunity to introduce the client to a beta feature in Amazon for which we had accessibility. This feature was related to contextual targeting and was used as a test to improve performance. With a new structure in place that is being adjusted as novelties in the platform trickle in, we exceeded the client’s initial expectations and significantly increased sales and ROAS for products sold on Amazon. 

The Result

Our efforts in reshaping the approach in Amazon DSP resulted in increased sales of 74%. In 2022, with our new strategy, we were able to score over an additional $3MM in sales. Our return on ad spend increased significantly as well, and we were able to move our benchmark up. With the new campaign setup, in 2023, we recorded a ROAS 212% higher compared to 2021 results. Thanks to our successful contextual targeting strategy, we got more buyers on our brand page, and our DPVR (Detailed Page View Rate) recorded an increase of 109%. 


Increased Sales


Increased ROAS


Increased DPVR

















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