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How Strategic Planning Led to a 16% Revenue Boost YoY



Paid Search Advertising

The Challenge

Our Client, a key player in the industry, demanded an increase in the performance of their global paid search campaigns compared to the previous year, which was the goal from the beginning of the fiscal year. The critical period was the holiday season, specifically the week of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. The twist came with budget restructuring and introducing new campaign types, such as PMAX and site migration preceding the holiday period, making the task of outdoing prior achievements quite daunting. Nevertheless, our team embraced the challenge head-on.

The Solution

We delved into meticulous budget planning and forecasting well in advance to ensure success. By analyzing past data and leveraging our expertise, we strategized and formulated a plan tailored to the most critical quarter and the bustling holiday season. Prompt action was taken to create and schedule holiday-centric ad copies across 18 markets, meticulously fine-tuning each for maximum impact. Timely optimization of budgets and bid strategies became our daily practice to steer the campaigns toward success. Since there were campaigns with different KPIs, Conversion campaigns focused on Revenue increase, and Awareness campaigns targeting traffic, we balanced our strategies to ensure all goals were met by Identifying key high-performing areas within Brand and Shopping to drive profitable revenue as well as targeting users early in their purchase journeys by scaling Discovery and Generic Text campaigns early on. Not only would this drive traffic, but it would fill retargeting pools and keep Client top-of-mind leading up to peak dates. We reacted to performance trends quickly with the execution of manual bid overrides in Brand and Generic Text campaigns and expanded Generic Text by employing Competitor Conquesting to drive enhanced levels of quality traffic. This was all done in coordination with the marketing team from the client side, and we functioned as an extension of their team with continuous support, guidance, and consultancy; this period went smoothly.

The Result

The culmination of our efforts was nothing short of astounding. By aligning our strategies with the specific needs of each market, we not only met but exceeded the Client's set goal by an impressive 16% when looking at the overall Revenue YoY. The goal was to surpass the Revenue of $100M, and we landed at $122M at the end of the fiscal year. As for the holiday period, each top-tier market surpassed the revenue numbers from the previous year, with a majority witnessing a surge in web traffic with 25% more Clicks and 27% higher CTR. Our adaptability, proactive measures, and relentless optimization bore fruit, setting new benchmarks for success. 

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