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Sales Inbound & Outbound

The Challenge

eMedia Patch has been tasked with leading the inbound sales efforts for a global publisher and authority on pregnancy and parenting, supporting millions of families worldwide across 11 international sites in six different languages. Initially, the main tasks were to contact the brands and agencies who expressed interest in working with the publisher to gauge the potential investment levels and overall brand and partnership suitability. Due to the many leads already existing in the Customer Relationship Management system and needing to be nurtured, there was no need to look for new potential business leads. 
Noteworthy challenges attributed to these sales efforts: 

Assess the brand and their needs while identifying potential challenges down the road.

Formulating a lead qualification framework for the sake of saving time, increasing efficiency, and lead conversion rate while maintaining a top-notch customer experience 

Meeting and/or exceeding the closed business quarterly and yearly quota while closing a sizable number of smaller deals.

The Solution

Conducting effective and comprehensive research before even sending the initial outreach email is the pillar for building excellent client relationships, as it allows us to stay one step ahead of identifying potential client pain points to act promptly and approach the new leads from a knowledgeable place while managing their needs and expectations. This research can involve analyzing the industry or brand’s niche, competitors, and relevant news or events to build a comprehensive picture of their needs and pain points so you can tailor your messaging accordingly.

Research, in combination with the most popular lead qualification framework – BANT (Budget – Authority – Need – Timeline), can help eliminate the element of surprise while spotting viable leads in a sea of potential opportunities. These are some green flags we like to see with leads: 

If a lead is continuing the conversation by asking questions – this is a window of opportunity to ask some of your questions to keep the information flowing.

If a lead has been thinking about a specific business challenge, this could indicate they’ve been dwelling on a specific issue for a while, so it’s setting the stage for an innovative solution.

If a lead has an idea of the solution they’re looking for – you’re talking to someone in a position of authority who has a pulse on what their business is struggling with, what is going right, and what solutions might fit best.

Not all leads will convert right away, which is normal - some may need more information, education, or trust before deciding. That is why it is crucial to nurture the leads with relevant content that addresses their pain points, challenges, and goals. Content nurturing is one of the ways to build a relationship with your leads and move them along the sales funnel.

The Result

The impact of resourceful research and prompt follow-ups is demonstrated in one brand increasing their investment by 75% with a second campaign, ultimately boosting that investment by 186% with a third campaign, generating $31k within two months.


Number of new brand accounts 


Budget that would otherwise be missed


Campaign renewal rate


Average increased budget with a second campaign

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