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Mastering Sales Planning: A Tale of Crafting Million-Dollar Media Plans



Sales Media Planning

The Challenge

In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, eMedia Patch faced an exciting yet challenging task – crafting strategic and lucrative media plans for three renowned brands in the baby care sector worth over $1.5MM. Our primary challenges included:

Crafting media plans tailored to the specific audience of the publishing platform. 

Ensuring that the allocated ad inventory was sufficient for all elements of the media plan and that it would lead to full delivery.

Creating plans that drive exceptional ROI and excel previously determined KPIs.

The Solution

To meet these challenges head-on, eMedia Patch leveraged its extensive experience in the digital marketing domain. Our solution involved:

Careful analysis of the available ad inventory to ensure it met the requirements of the media plans and could deliver as expected.

Effective communication with the respective sellers to understand the brands' objectives and KPIs was crucial in creating a winning proposal.

In-depth research to identify the target audience and understand their behavior.

Identifying which placements yielded the best ROI through data analysis and offering ad placement and ad format recommendations.

The Result

The results of our efforts were nothing short of spectacular. By aligning our media plans with the specific needs of the brands and the publishing platform, we achieved remarkable outcomes:

Substantial increases in brand visibility and engagement.

Impressions, clicks, and CTR well above industry benchmarks.

Ability to introduce new products to a highly targeted audience, boosting their market presence and increasing awareness.

Establishing a strong long-term partnership with the brands based on trust and outstanding results.

The Statistics

Here are some key statistics that demonstrate the success of our media plans:

Impressions: Exceeded the contracted goal by 3% - 6% on average.

Click-Through Rate (CTR): CTR well above the industry benchmark with a placement that has CTR that was 10x (910%) higher than the advertiser site average.

Return on Investment (ROI): Incredible ROI on different placements, varying from 362% to 5932%.

Sales Chart

In conclusion, eMedia Patch's expertise in sales planning and media strategy proved to be the secret sauce behind the outstanding success of these million-dollar media plans. This case study underscores our ability to deliver excellence, making eMedia Patch the preferred choice for those seeking exemplary results in digital marketing.

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