Why This Screenshot Deck Won’t Get The Better Of Me

Why This Screenshot Deck Won’t Get The Better Of Me

It’s Friday, the day when absolutely all the client campaigns go live. I’m patiently waiting on the Ad Ops team to confirm the launch, I want to ping them so badly but I can’t be like that annoying kid “Are we there yet, are we there yet”. So while I do have my Skype message to AdOps fully typed up and ready to go, I use my index finger to hover over the “enter” key. That is when the mail comes through.
The campaign is live! This obviously happens at the eleventh hour on Friday and I so want to be out of the door but I have to grab a few screenshots and send them to the agency. Then everything decides to go wrong.

First, Snag-it breaks down and causes my computer to crash, then horrible remnant ads are showing alongside my darling ad so I keep refreshing like a maniac. Then I can’t find the ad on the page anymore because of the frequency capping, so I naturally go into DFP to use their ad preview tool (duhh!!) when I discover that three full placements are still red lit. I feel extra crushed because people are gathering around the ping-pong table and the beer Friday is in full swing. But not for me! I’m doing screenshots.

I walk over to the fun zone, grab my beer and start all over again, ping AdOps chase missing assets, watch my computer crash yet again because of Snag-it. But I tell you, when it’s all done that beer gets a whole new dimension. That beer tastes like no other beer had ever tasted before.

The batman ad, placed in a fantastic contextual environment, which talks of monsters and men, in that very moment is nicely loading on the computer of the planner at MediaCom. That poor schmuck can now go and have a beer too. His name is Joe and he just turned 21. He wants that beer more than I do. It sounds strange but I know we are telepathically connecting, raising our beer glasses in each other’s name. Hardships bring us together. Like two war buddies from the trenches, we wouldn’t have known pain in this world if it wasn’t for screenshots, and that my friend is one strong and powerful bond. The one that keeps us somehow cosmically connected for a lifetime.

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